Over 105 Years as an Independent Brokerage

As a fourth-generation local family business with global connections, we are unique from franchised brokerages. We have the freedom and flexibility to pivot, adapt, and create based on today's market. Our business model is agent-focused and we believe in creating success through delivering value. We practice individualized coaching, opportunity for personal, professional, and career growth, local influence, and agent-centered marketing.

Our values define our culture. We are looking for individuals like you who embody excellence, reliability, integrity, humility and grit.


Deliver the best possible experience, learn and deliver better next time.


Collective action requires counting on each other’s word: a word kept by making and fulfilling commitments.


The key to a growth mindset is having an open mind, ready to improve.


Be honest, be ethical. Practice the Platinum Rule.


Grit leads to success more reliably than talent or I.Q. Anyone can learn to be gritty.

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Local Campaigns

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At Weidel Real Estate, we take pride in representing and supporting our clients, communities, and local businesses.

Community Involvement

Grow your network and support your community with:

• School and Charity Fundraisers
• Partnerships with Non-Profits
• Holiday Events
• Town Fairs
• 4-H Clubs
• Sponsorship of Local Sporting Events
• Local Festivals
• Community Events
• Business Associations


Weidel Real Estate has been a leader in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and has helped thousands of people build successful careers.